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We are passionate about helping veterans become homeowners. 


Since 1992, The VA Lady has helped active duty, military veterans, and surviving spouses realize their dream to own a home. By helping to turn renters into homeowners, we not only help people build a future legacy for themselves and their families, but we also help make them become invested partners in the communities in which they live. 

It is our goal to teach as many people as possible about the process of homeownership. If it is your desire to own a home, we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your dream of homeownership. Let us be your guiding light.  


A house or a home?

A house? A house is simply bricks and beams.


A home is the starting place for love, hopes, and dreams. The magical thing about home is that, it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back. Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends. That's home.


Memberships and Associations

National Mortgage Licensing System and Registry

National Association of Mortgage Brokers

National Association of Realtors

Colorado Division of Real Estate

Georgia Association of Realtors

North Carolina Real Estate Commission

South Carolina Association of Realtors

South Carolina Labor, Licensing and Regulation

South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs

Multiple Listing Services throughout CO, GA, NC, and SC

*Licenses, associations, and memberships held by The VA Lady, Novex Home Loans, Credit Score 650, and BSR Home


"Kudos to Cathy and her team. I recently closed on my home and everything went perfectly!"

"Jadon was so patient throughout the entire selling process. She was helpful and knowledgeable on the market to get me the best deal for my house. I highly recommend her!"

"I hired Cathy and her team back in 2015 to manage my rental property. She always gave me sound advice whenever I needed it.  Years later when I decided to sell, I listed with Cathy and her expertise in the market was proved to be helpful in getting my home sold and at top dollar.  She took the headache out of selling!!"

"They do a really thorough search to find you a dream home. Could not be happier!"

"The VA Lady is wonderful, very professional, and on point. She got us a beautiful home and if anyone needs a home please go to her I'll refer her to all of my family members and friends. She's wonderful."

"Excellent experience"

"The VA Lady also does real estate and Jadon is a great agent!"

"Me and my wife are finally able to take out a home loan thanks to Cathy. So grateful and I hope other people call them, because they really can help."

"They can help even if you have low credit! VA benefits work wonders and so does Cathy."

"I want to say thank you to the entire staff at The VA Lady and BSR Home. My husband and I tried to get a loan to buy a house on the lake and we were turned down by several lenders. My agent recommended we try BRS Home. They are very knowledgeable about how to get a VA loan approved even with a few credit dings. If it wasn’t for them, we would still be renting."

"Great to work with and we will miss Cathy dearly. Thanks for all you did for us!"

"Got a great deal on my home and closing costs thanks in large part to the work Cathy did on my loan. Thank you to her team."

"We experienced top notch service coupled with humane communication. Diligence 
and patience are attributes that were evident in assisting us with gathering pertinent documents necessary to successfully complete the goal of home ownership. Thank you"

"Loved them!"

"I really felt confident in us finding a home once we started working with the VA Lady. Cathy always makes you feel comfortable and like you know what's going on!"

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